If, by chance, you just happened to be in the market for an original piece of artwork for your home and you don’t want to pay museum prices, and, if by chance, you met an artist who claimed the following, what would you think?

{My goal} is to “develop practical spaces that evoke specific emotional responses and produce connection to the environment in a non-ordinary way” {and to} “transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences”.  “Seeing and feeling art in a different way”, {I can produce} “temples of transformation”.

I know what I would think.  I would not understand what this means.  I am only an appreciator of good art, not an expert.  Like most people, I know what I like.  That is all.  To imagine anything that could produce such a spiritual experience as that implied above is way above my pay grade.

Nevertheless, I asked my interior decorator to introduce me to Martha, only because I like her work and thought a piece might look good in my house.  At the end of the day, I did a lot more than just commission art for my home … I took a journey!

The day I met Martha I was struck by her energy, her intelligence, unfathomable knowledge and, most importantly, her attention to what was already in my home and to what I told her I thought I needed.  Having already been introduced to a sample of Martha’s work by my interior designer, which was a bas relief of brightly colored botanicals, I was primed for the pump!  Before even meeting Martha, I had already imagined, in a rudimentary way, how I thought such a piece of work would look in my home.  This was the tip of the iceberg, I soon discovered … not the main event!

I live in a simple ranch style home in “quasi-country”, meaning we live in a neighborhood where most lots are a minimum of 2 to 10 acres.  Now before we get all excited by that, understand that the acreage supports septic systems, not sprawling lawns, pools, fountains and other what-not.

While my home is simple on the outside, over the years I had patched together an interior theme that made me feel good for one reason or another.  Mediterranean warmth with some Asian influences, comfy, inviting furniture, and abstract art pieces on silk that reflect my experience and love of dance and music.  I had a fling with feng shui about 15 years ago that introduced me to energy & movement & furniture … and how creating pathways enhances the positive flow of energy.  Most of my furniture choices have soft or rounded corners, no edges! And unbeknownst to me, until I met Martha, I had selected fabrics and furniture designs that had swirls.  Swirls were everywhere!  These choices might have been a sub-conscious response to my attraction to energy and energy flow … I don’t know.

So nice, but not complete somehow.  My home felt a bit unfinished, not buttoned up, lacking cohesiveness.  How hard could this be?  I needed a pro! Further, I have one very large wall in the family room that needed art.  I have had to stare at a mural I commissioned 15 years ago, thinking it would complete my Mediterranean objective, and which turned out to be a major disappointment.  Sadly, the deed was done and there was no money left for a redo.  This time, this wall was going to go to an artist that listened to me and maybe even could understand me! I was determined but didn’t feel hopeful.

Martha wanted to see every room in the house.  She was not particularly focused on the wall during that first meeting.  Over several visits Martha took in my colors, my style and the feelings my home invoked.  She asked about my interests and activities.  She asked questions and more questions.  ALL of them were relevant in hindsight and few of them obvious in purpose at the time.  But she is a fascinating person and I enjoy talking with her.

As I reflect on this aspect of our relationship, I realize that much of what Martha and I talked about was her way of getting into my skin.  Otherwise, how could she produce a piece of art for me that could produce an “emotional response” and “create a connection to my environment in a non-ordinary way”? You would have to know someone pretty well to do that.

Somehow, Martha’s art transcends the obvious.  There is a universal quality about it that DOES evoke a wonderful, happy positivity.  The art Martha created for me reflects, compliments and draws in every color, every design and every object I have in my home.  I had been telling a story, but it lacked cohesiveness and an ending.  Through Martha’s unique medium, I now own a piece of art that explains me and what I am trying to say.  It is the beginning and the end of my story.

The art itself, which is in the combined family, dining, and kitchen room creates a wonderful transition from that room to the living room, which has different, but complimentary, colors and a more formal tone.  For the first time, I feel my home can truly flow from one experience to another.  I will say that not everyone can appreciate my eclectic style, but not one person who has seen my new art has NOT been moved by it.  Mission Accomplished!

For some reason I didn’t look at Martha’s website before I contracted her to do my piece.  Normally I am very thorough in my research.  When I finally took a peek, weeks after the installation, I read her words on how she approaches her projects.  The beauty of Martha’s art is that it created an experience for me that will live on.   While her approach is completely unique, her product is unique to ME.  I’m not sure if I could have translated her words into the experience I eventually had. The journey we took was a process with transformative results!